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Selling in the online market is easier and practical than a traditional market.

More simple and no need to bring all the stuff everywhere,

Just prepare your products and get ready to receive a lot of orders!

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Provision to be a supplier in :

  1. The supplier understands that seller in the website of is itself.
  2. The registrar that register as a seller in act as vendor or supplier in
  3. reserve the right to organize the price that displayed in the website of that already determined before based on the price given by the supplier.
  4. In terms of delivery the product, if there is a purchase, then vendor/supplier will deliver to the warehouse of to check on the product quality and will deliver to buyer.
  5. Vendor/supplier must sort out the product before deliver to the warehouse of as a product’s quality control.
  6. Vendor/supplier must informed to if there is a product ordered by buyer not available/the amount not as ordered/the product condition does not match to the quality, within 1x24 hours or before the product deliver to the warehouse of
  7. reserve the right to use or take the product with certain quantity from vendor/supplier if there is any problem of stock amount that does not match to the order or does not match to the quality standard.
  8. will pay to the vendor/supplier at the latest within 1 (one) week after the transaction.
  9. reserve the right to terminate the cooperation with Vendor/supplier due to the frequency of problems occurred in quality or product’s stock.


How to become a supplier in :

  1. Open the website of;
  2. Click on registration at the upright corner;
  3. You will be transmitted to the page of registration to fill in your personal data form;
  4. Afterward, fill in your personal data and make your own password (make sure to keep the confidentiality);
  5. After that, click on the ‘REGISTRATION’ button in the below section;
  6. If done, you will get confirmation by email that you already registered as a vendor;
  7. Next, will contact you to re-confirm and do the business survey;
  8. After that, after the survey done, will re-confirm that you already able to be the supplier of and ready to accept the order anytime.
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