Product Exchange and Refund

  1. Product exchange only can be done in case of :
    1. The product that delivered to a buyer is not according to order data based on transaction proof in the account of
    2. Product received in broken condition or not feasible to use
    3. The amount delivered to a buyer is not as ordered or more/less without any written request information
  2. Validity period for product exchange/complaint on order/the situation that causes a refund is 1x24 hours (the maximum time to do the check on order). Buyer is suggested to do check on the delivered product ordered while the courier is still on the delivery location so that the checking process will be more accurate and able to immediately request for exchange.
  3. A refund may happen with terms as below :
    1. Not receive the product within 2 (two) days with prior information that the product is available and no information from;
    2. Not receive the product nor product availability information within 2 (two) weeks for the pre-order product;
    3. The purchased product is sold out and will not available within 2 (two) days;
    4. The problem occurred which result refund solution to a buyer;
    5. The product delivered is damaged and unable to replace with the new one because of the stock problem;
    6. Excess payment from buyer.
  4. Refund will be able to do at the latest within 1 (one) week of working days;
  5. is authorized to take a decision upon unsolved transaction problems due to no settlement of agreement, either between seller and buyer nor seller and vendor/supplier, based on available evidence. The decision of is inviolable final decision and bind of each party to comply. 
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