Customer/User Registration

Register yourself as customer/user in the website of to get various updated information easily, either about promotion, discount, or newest product. Other than that, it gives easiness for you to check your current transaction or previous transaction information, so that allows you to repurchase from the data of previous purchase.



If this is your first time to register your data, please fill in the form about.

This registration form is to save your data by the system and make your shopping process easier.

By this easiness, the system will automatically provide your data when you log in and on check out process.



If you already registered your data before, please fill in the email and password column and click login.

You could tick the box for 'remember me' request, to make sure your computer automatically put your detail on the column everytime you are open this page. 


Instruction to do Registration/new Customer Registration :

  1. To register, you may click on the Registration;
  2. Then, fill in the form that comes up;
  3. Click on the button of Registration or you may login through Facebook Account by clicking on ;
  4. After finish, you will receive the email from our team that you already registered and have a customer account in website.

By having the customer account, you will be able to check on your order status and re-open the previous transactions. From your old transactions, you will be able to do re-order with the same order without look for the products you want.


To Do Re-Order from Customer Account :

  1. Click on ‘My Account’ at the top;
  2. Click on ‘account.customerorders’ in the menu on the left side;
  3. Then click on ‘details’ on the left side;
  4. After the information of your order comes up, click on ‘Re-Order’ in the below section;
  5. After that, it will bring you to the ‘Check Out’ page where you can do the order process. 
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