Payment Information


Payment able to be done by 2 methods that are through bank transfer to the bank account of and COD while the product has been received.


Payment by Bank Transfer

  • After complete the order process and the price has been confirmed that it is right, then continue to the payment by clicking on ‘Continue to Payment’;
  • Afterward, put in the information detail of your delivery address and choose the delivery and payment method;
  • After that will appear the bank account information of to transfer the payment;
  • Payment must be done maximum within 1x24 hours after order;
  • The product that has been ordered but has not been paid within 1x24 hours, then the order will be automatically canceled;
  • The payment that made after 1x24 hours or after the order canceled, may submit for refund by sending email to our customer service at


Payment by COD System

Payment by using COD system is payment method in which customer may pay the total value to the courier when the product has been received and checked as ordered. Payment by using COD system only able to be done by cash. Under this condition, terms and conditions apply with the COD system as below :

  1. Maximum payment value by this payment method is Rp 3.000.000,-;
  2. COD payment method only accept cash payment;
  3. Payment by COD method must give to delivery courier when the product has been received directly.
  4. If using this system, the buyer must immediately check on the product condition, either product’s quality or quantity, when courier is still at the location, so that if there is any unmatch quality/quantity (refer to the transaction data information in the buyer’s account in website) may immediately do the complaint procedure and submission of return/product exchange;
  5. Under that condition, after the courier receive the payment and leave the delivery location, the buyer is considered to have received the product and already checked the quality and quantity of product received and already in accordance with the buyer's order;
  6. For the products which able to be checked the condition immediately, refer to the point 2, then buyer unable to submit a complaint related to the product’s quality or quantity;
  7. Buyer may only complaint or request for product exchange on the sealed product/unable to check immediately because of the seal and only able to be done maximum within 1x24 hours by giving the complaint proofs.
  8. Submission of complaint/return/product exchangeable to be done immediately with the delivery courier by filling the form of complaint/return/product exchange. Courier will immediately do the confirmation to the warehouse to check the availability of the product and the time to deliver the new product. After that, courier/ will re-confirm to the buyer;
  9. For the submission of complaint/return/product exchange to the sealed product, submission form may be accessed through website or email to our customer service at;
  10. COD payment system able to be done by any delivery method (delivery by courier/ self-pick up at the warehouse of
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