Privacy Policy


Personal information is an important private matter to be kept, therefore we provide the privacy policy that keeps the security of user in every transaction and applies to every product, service, and information.

Information policy protects the information confidentiality that given by user while receive the purposive information during the registration process, input the login information, do the purchase/payment transaction, and/or the access activity in The personal information that intended is:

a)      Full name

b)      Phone number

c)      Email address

d)      Full address

e)      ID number

f)       Date of Birth

g)      Other personal information that required on registration/transaction.

Regardless, we do hope that the information given by the user is the actual information and can be accounted for. As for renewed user information able to be done in website in each account of the user who already registered. If the information of the user does not mention or not delivered as actual, then will not take responsibility for every consequence that might be occurred because of it.

The information of the user will be kept and used as long as the service of exists. Once the affiliation deleted, then the contained information will be deleted refers to the applied provision of the law.


Data Usage

The personal information of usage that we receive will be used for the following things:

  1. For communication to deliver the information/product or service of;
  2. Deliver the information about the promotion, product’s update, service, or feature, news/newest information about;
  3. Deliver the promotion tools as confidential voucher code or discount code;
  4. Deliver the continuation registration process in website and do the verification;
  5. Deliver the confirmation of purchase transaction and order status update;
  6. Delivery the status related to the activity of during the website maintenance/suspension/restoration that will affect the user’s activity;
  7. Do the market survey related to the user and non-user’s enthusiastic analysis and to improve the service’s quality of

As for information delivery, may use the service of the third party to assist the required information delivery, in which related to the applied agreements and laws also related to the confidentiality of user’s information as the commitment of to protect the privacy.

In certain situation, may reveal or use the user’s data for law enforcement purposes or fulfillment of legal requirements and the applied regulation includes in the case of dispute or legal proceedings between user and


User Personal Data Disclosure

The disclosure of user personal data is the access that we give to the partner of in term of service to the user/buyer. As mentioned as the partner are:

  1. Courier service who deliver the buyer’s order which started as per shipping cost calculation to the delivery process and the product ordered has been received by the buyer;
  2. Banking service which processes the payment and does the verification from the buyer;
  3. The vendors of telecommunication that cooperate with to deliver the information related to to the user of website;
  4. The usage or direct communication from the user to through the feature of blog/social media/product review feature which allows the user to be seen by the public;
  5. The usage of live chat media which connected to the email access or user’s account;
  6. Another partner which related to the development process and restoration of such as market research vendor, marketing, website development media and service of;
  7. The authority in term of law enforcement or complies with the request of the authorities.



Cookies is a small size file which automatically saved in the user’s computer from the visited site, in most case, it offers to save the data and helps to configure the user’s computer.

The user may refuse to use cookies by changing the setting on the browser of the computer, clear the cookies on the browser routinely. However, by refusing cookies may reduce the website optimation while accessing the may use available features from the third party which might affect the setting on the computer’s browser based on user’s demography information in purpose to improve the service to the user and/or marketing media.


Privacy Policy Update reserves the right to make the change anytime and policy additions for any reason. The user must read carefully and understand the applicable policy so that by constantly using the service of then the user is considered to understand and agree to the applicable policy and the changes.

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