Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions are the provisions which regulate the usage of pasarindukbali.com website when the user visits into the web, register, and transact.

The user of pasarindukbali.com website is expected to read the terms and conditions carefully and understands the right and obligation of the user. In case of the user does not agree to the terms and conditions, afterward the user is allowed to not doing further activities with pasarindukbali.com website.



  1. Pasarindukbali.com is a limited liability company which established based on the law in Indonesia, which runs its business activities in the online sector;
  2. Pasarindukbali.com service is a sell and buy service for vegetables, fruits, flowers, kitchen equipment, household equipment, mother and baby necessity, and provide various cooking recipes;
  3. The user is the party who used the service of pasarindukbali.com, including but not limited to the buyer, seller or another party who only visit pasarindukbali.com website;
  4. Buyer is the registered user who makes purchase transaction of pasarindukbali.com products;
  5. Seller is the pasarindukbali.com which provides the products displayed in the pasarindukbali.com website and control the quality before sending to the buyer.
  6. The product is the physical item that displayed in the pasarindukbali.com website on each category that will deliver to the buyer after the payment transaction;
  7. The official bank account of pasarindukbali.com is the bank account that registered as company account in the name of pasarindukbali.com.



  1. Content that displayed on the pasarindukbali.com website encompasses the image and information of the product, image, and information of pasarindukbali.com, information/article that uploaded by pasarindukbali.com, and features provided in the pasarindukbali.com website;
  2. All the content available in pasarindukbali.com website is the proprietary of pasarindukbali.com which is protected by the applicable law as well as all the related regulations of intellectual property rights;
  3. Content that displayed on the pasarindukbali.com website follows the terms of the website, legal regulation, and also the applicable performance ethics;
  4. The user is not allowed to use/duplicate/misuse the contents that displayed by pasarindukbali.com website;
  5. Pasarindukbali.com provides the review features on the products which accessible if the buyer already completed the purchase transaction. In this case, the user is not allowed to use any words, comment, picture, or content related to ethnicity, tribe, religion, and intergroup which considered as not appropriate to the social value and norm.
  6. Pasarindukbali.com is entitled to take action against the uploads that are considered infringing as mentioned on point 5, such as content deletion or block the user account;
  7. The user understands and agrees that misuse of picture/image that uploaded by the user is personally user’s responsibility. 


Account and Security

  1. The user is a capable person and able to bind itself in a legal agreement.
  2. Account registration, as a buyer or supplier, is free of charge.
  3. The registered user able to access the transaction/information activity in pasarindukbali.com website.
  4. Pasarindukbali.com has the right to close the user account without prior notice, either temporary or permanent, in case of alleged violation to applicable terms and conditions.
  5. The user is not allowed to create and/or use the device, software, feature and/or another tool which aimed to do manipulation on pasarindukbali.com system, including but not limited to: (i) manipulate store’s data; (ii) crawling/scraping; (iii) automation in sell-buy transaction, promotion, and others; and/or (iv) other activity that reasonably assessed as a system manipulation action.
  6. The user is not able to change the account’s name/information that already made and personally responsible to keep the confidentiality of the account and password on every activity that happens in the user’s account.
  7. Pasarindukbali.com is not responsible to the disadvantage incurred because of account’s manipulation that caused by user’s negligence, such as show/give the password and username to other parties.


Purchase Transaction

  1. The buyer is willing to follow the transaction procedure that determined by pasarindukbali.com and choose the payment method that already provided.
  2. While doing the purchase transaction, the buyer already agreed that:
  3. Buyer is already read and understands the product’s information that listed on the product’s page before purchase;
  4. Buyer is already read and understands all the content of transaction provisions that available on the page of Shopping Chart and put the check mark before proceeding to payment.
  5. For the purchase of low stock’s products/pre-order, the product will be received by buyer at the latest within 2 weeks (unless the buyer already set the delivery date which beyond 2 weeks of pre-order maximum delivery), if the product that purchased is not able to available within 2 weeks, afterward pasarindukbali.com will contact the buyer and refund the payment that already made to the unavailable product.
  6. Payment must submit at the latest within 24 hours after the purchase transaction process complete
  7. The buyer does not give the payment proof to other than pasarindukbali.com. In the case of disadvantage occurs, due to announce or give the payment proof and/or payment data by the buyer to other parties, afterward it would be the responsibility of the buyer.
  8. A product that purchased will be processed on the same day or at the latest within 2 (two) days or 2 (two) weeks if the product is pre-order.


Price and Payment Transaction

  1. The price of the product that displayed in pasarindukbali.com website is the price that determined by pasarindukbali.com and already agreed by vendor/supplier party.
  2. The price that displayed on the pasarindukbali.com website uses the applicable regulation by using Rupiah currency.
  3. Pasarindukbali.com may change the price anytime by following the market condition and/or in regards to shipping cost.
  4. Used payment method is the available method in pasarindukbali.com website.
  5. Buyer agrees to pay the amount stated on the payment page which include the total price of the purchased product, shipping cost, value-added tax (on a certain product), and include price reduction if discount or product on promo applied.
  6. The late process of payment or additional cost may occur because of bank difference that used by the buyer to an official l bank account of pasarindukbali.com and is the buyer’s personal responsibility. 


Seller Provision

  1. Seller in pasarindukbali.com website is pasarindukbali.com itself.
  2. The registrant who register as a seller in pasarindukbali.com act as vendor or supplier of pasarindukbali.com.
  3. Pasarindukbali.com has the right to set the price displayed in pasarindukbali.com website which already determined previously based on the price that is given by the supplier.
  4. In terms of product’s shipment, afterward, vendor/supplier will deliver to the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com for quality check and pasarindukbali.com will deliver to the buyer.
  5. Vendor/supplier must sort out the ordered product before delivering to the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com as quality control. 
  6. Vendor/supplier must inform to pasarindukbali.com in case of the product ordered by the buyer is not available/the amount is not complete as ordered by the buyer/the condition of the product is not qualified, within 1x24 hours or before the product delivered to the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com.
  7. Pasarindukbali.com has right use or take the product in a certain amount from vendor/supplier if there is any problem with product’s stock amount or quality that is not as ordered.
  8. Pasarindukbali.com will pay to vendor/supplier at the latest within 1 (one) week after the transaction.
  9. Pasarindukbali.com has the right to terminate the cooperation with vendor/supplier due to the frequency of the product’s quality or stock amount problem.



  1. Currently, pasarindukbali.com only serve Bali island with the coverage area: Denpasar, Badung, Ubud, Baturiti, and Gianyar.
  2. Pasarindukbali.com is not determined the maximum order that able to do by the buyer, nevertheless, for the purchase in large quantity will be delivered partially and adjust with the delivery time.
  3. Buyer is understood the delivery condition for purchase in large amount will be influenced by the preparation of product’s stock, the process of product’s quality control, and transportation/delivery process.
  4. A certain condition of delivery due to purchase in a large amount will be informed to the buyer at the latest within 1x24 hours.
  5. Delivery time for the available product at the latest within 2 (two) days after the payment settled adjust with the delivery area, for delivery of pre-order product at the latest within 2 (two) weeks after the payment settled.
  6. Buyer may determine the certain time for delivery of the ordered product by giving information about the delivery date as requested on the Shopping Cart page.
  7. Delivery rates as per location of delivery and may change anytime without prior notice.
  8. Shipping courier will be done by courier of pasarindukbali.com itself.


Type of Product

Products that provided and traded by pasarindukbali.com is the product of daily needs for household needs as:

  1. Food material (vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry, etc)
  2. Fruits
  3. Condiments
  4. Flowers
  5. Cakes
  6. Groceries
  7. Mother and baby needs
  8. Livestock
  9. Retail or wholesale purchase
  10. Various recipes which allow making the purchase directly from the page of the recipe.
  11. Household appliance/kitchen needs


 Promo and Voucher

  1. Pasarindukbali.com may conduct a promotion anytime to the traded products in pasarindukbali.com website.
  2. Buyer must read carefully and understand the term and condition of the applicable promo.
  3. Promo may apply on the price of product or delivery cost as discount/price reduction, shopping voucher usage (as voucher code) which become price discount on total shopping value or refer to certain product’s item, or in other application.
  4. Promo by using voucher code able to use only 1 (one) time.
  5. The promo that refers to a price reduction on items or a certain item, afterward the product’s price displayed is the after discount/reduction price.
  6. Discount by using voucher/voucher code will be given to buyer’s email or sent physically together with the delivered order of previous purchase, or may also by using other communication feature such as WhatsApp/line/SMS/pop up message in accordance with the form of partnership.


The feature of Product’s Review

The feature of product’s review is a feature that provided to the buyer to give the review about the information of the purchased product and received, either about product’s quality, delivery service quality, or overall service of pasarindukbali.com. This feature only accessible by a buyer who already completed the process of product purchase after 2x24 hours.


Product Exchange and Refund

  1. Product exchange only can be done in case of :
    1. The product that delivered to a buyer is not according to order data based on transaction proof in the account of pasarindukbali.com
    2. Product received in broken condition or not feasible to use
    3. The amount delivered to a buyer is not as ordered or more/less without any written request information
  2. Validity period for product exchange/complaint on order/the situation that causes a refund is 1x24 hours (the maximum time to do the check on order). Buyer is suggested to do check on the delivered product ordered while the courier is still on the delivery location so that the checking process will be more accurate and able to immediately request for exchange.
  3. A refund may happen with terms as below :
    1. Not receive the product within 2 (two) days with prior information that the product is available and no information from pasarindukbali.com;
    2. The purchased product is sold out and will not available within 2 (two) days;
    3. The problem occurred which result refund solution to a buyer;
    4. The product delivered is damaged and pasarindukbali.com unable to replace with the new one because of the stock problem;
    5. Excess payment from buyer.
  4. Refund will be able to do at the latest within 1 (one) week of working days;
  5. Pasarindukbali.com is authorized to take a decision upon unsolved transaction problems due to no settlement of agreement, either between seller and buyer nor seller and vendor/supplier, based on available evidence. The decision of pasarindukbali.com is inviolable final decision and bind of each party to comply. 


Pasarindukbali.com Limitation of Liability

Pasarindukbali.com is marketplace website which provides online purchase service for Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C).

Pasarindukbali.com always provide the service with product clarity, easiness online transaction access, on-time delivery, and controlled product quality.

In this case, the user of pasarindukbali.com consciously agrees and understand the content of term and condition, that the usage of pasarindukbali.com is a personal risk. Pasarindukbali.com is not responsible for the damage or disadvantage that occurs because of the usage of pasarindukbali.com or from information, content, material, product (including software) or other service that included in or available to you through the service of pasarindukbali.com, included but not limited to direct loss, indirect loss, incidental, cause-effect, or other unless stated in writing.

Detail term and Condition about each product, purchase procedure, the minimum order that can be done, information of return/product exchange will explain specifically on the page of each product. In case of no explanation of term and condition, therefore it will refer to general term and condition of pasarindukbali.com.

If there is a conflict about term and condition with other related provision that provided by pasarindukbali.com, as far as about general provision, therefore the term and condition will remain valid.




Personal information is an important private matter to be kept, therefore we provide the privacy policy that keeps the security of pasarindukbali.com user in every transaction and applies to every product, service, and information.

Information policy protects the information confidentiality that given by user while pasarindukbali.com receive the purposive information during the registration process, input the login information, do the purchase/payment transaction, and/or the access activity in pasarindukbali.com. The personal information that intended is:

a)      Full name

b)      Phone number

c)      Email address

d)      Full address

e)      ID number

f)       Date of Birth

g)      Other personal information that required on registration/transaction.

Regardless, we do hope that the information given by the user is the actual information and can be accounted for. As for renewed user information able to be done in pasarindukbali.com website in each account of the user who already registered. If the information of the user does not mention or not delivered as actual, then pasarindukbali.com will not take responsibility for every consequence that might be occurred because of it.

The information of the user will be kept and used as long as the service of pasarindukbali.com exists. Once the affiliation deleted, then the contained information will be deleted refers to the applied provision of the law.


Data Usage

The personal information of pasarindukbali.com usage that we receive will be used for the following things:

  1. For communication to deliver the information/product or service of pasarindukbali.com;
  2. Deliver the information about the promotion, product’s update, service, or feature, news/newest information about pasarindukbali.com;
  3. Deliver the promotion tools as confidential voucher code or discount code;
  4. Deliver the continuation registration process in pasarindukbali.com website and do the verification;
  5. Deliver the confirmation of purchase transaction and order status update;
  6. Delivery the status related to the activity of pasarindukbali.com during the website maintenance/suspension/restoration that will affect the user’s activity;
  7. Do the market survey related to the user and non-user’s enthusiastic analysis and to improve the service’s quality of pasarindukbali.com

As for information delivery, pasarindukbali.com may use the service of the third party to assist the required information delivery, in which related to the applied agreements and laws also related to the confidentiality of user’s information as the commitment of pasarindukbali.com to protect the privacy.

In certain situation, pasarindukbali.com may reveal or use the user’s data for law enforcement purposes or fulfillment of legal requirements and the applied regulation includes in the case of dispute or legal proceedings between user and pasarindukbali.com.


User Personal Data Disclosure

The disclosure of user personal data is the access that we give to the partner of pasarindukbali.com in term of service to the user/buyer. As mentioned as the partner are:

  1. Courier service who deliver the buyer’s order which started as per shipping cost calculation to the delivery process and the product ordered has been received by the buyer;
  2. Banking service which processes the payment and does the verification from the buyer;
  3. The vendors of telecommunication that cooperate with pasarindukbali.com to deliver the information related to pasarindukbali.com to the user of pasarindukbali.com website;
  4. The usage or direct communication from the user to pasarindukbali.com through the feature of blog/social media/product review feature which allows the user to be seen by the public;
  5. The usage of live chat media which connected to the email access or user’s account;
  6. Another partner which related to the development process and restoration of pasarindukbali.com such as market research vendor, marketing, website development media and service of pasarindukbali.com;
  7. The authority in term of law enforcement or complies with the request of the authorities.



Cookies is a small size file which automatically saved in the user’s computer from the visited site, in most case, it offers to save the data and helps to configure the user’s computer.

The user may refuse to use cookies by changing the setting on the browser of the computer, clear the cookies on the browser routinely. However, by refusing cookies may reduce the website optimation while accessing the pasarindukbali.com

Pasarindukbali.com may use available features from the third party which might affect the setting on the computer’s browser based on user’s demography information in purpose to improve the service to the user and/or marketing media.


Privacy Policy Update

Pasarindukbali.com reserves the right to make the change anytime and policy additions for any reason. The user must read carefully and understand the applicable policy so that by constantly using the service of pasarindukbali.com then the user is considered to understand and agree to the applicable policy and the changes.




Join to become a supplier in pasarindukbali.om and open to all the business/local producers. Register your product now and let us work for you.


Term to become a supplier in pasarindukbali.com :

  1. Have any kind of product with the category as available on the website of pasarindukbali.com that is vegetables, fruits, flower, livestock, meat, various type of seafood/river cultivation, household appliances, and supplies, the necessity of mother and baby (not included clothing), supplies and appliances for Hindu’s ceremony.
  2. Located in Bali.
  3. Ready to deliver the product to the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com when there is an order which located in Denpasar at the latest within 1x24 hours after the order.
  4. Do the quality control on the ordered product which about to be sent and informed to pasarindukbali.com if there is any discrepancy of product standard from the order.
  5. Willing to be surveyed for the business by pasarindukbali.com before the start as a supplier of pasarindukbali.com.


Provision to be a supplier in pasarindukbali.com :

  1. The supplier understands that seller in the website of pasarindukbali.com is pasarindukbali.com itself.
  2. The registrar that register as a seller in pasarindukbali.com act as vendor or supplier in pasarindukbali.com.
  3. Pasarindukbali.com reserve the right to organize the price that displayed on the website of pasarindukbali.com that already determined before based on the price given by the supplier.
  4. In terms of delivery the product, if there is a purchase, the vendor/supplier will deliver to the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com to check on the product quality and pasarindukbali.com will deliver to the buyer.
  5. Vendor/supplier must sort out the product before delivering to the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com as a product’s quality control.
  6. Vendor/supplier must inform to pasarindukbali.com if there is a product ordered by buyer not available/the amount not as ordered/the product condition does not match to the quality, within 1x24 hours or before the product delivered to the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com.
  7. Pasarindukbali.com reserve the right to use or take the product with certain quantity from vendor/supplier if there is any problem of the stock amount that does not match to the order or does not match to the quality standard.
  8. Pasarindukbali.com will pay to the vendor/supplier at the latest within 1 (one) week after the transaction.
  9. Pasarindukbali.com reserve the right to terminate the cooperation with Vendor/supplier due to the frequency of problems occurred in quality or product’s stock.


Customer/User Registration

Register yourself as customer/user in the website of pasarindukbali.com to get various updated information easily, either about promotion, discount, or newest product. Other than that, it gives easiness for you to check your current transaction or previous transaction information, so that allows you to repurchase from the data of previous purchase.



Delivery method option is available by using courier and self-pick up at the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com.

Buyer may arrange the delivery time as requested by inputting the order delivery date on the ‘Check Out’ page under the column of the order list.

If so, then the preparation of the order and delivery/pick up, will be done by the date as requested.


Delivery by Courier

  • Delivery is made around Denpasar, Badung, and Ubud;
  • Delivery address must clear and detail while inputting the address information in the check out page.  Shipping error or order unable to be sent due to the address not found is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Delivery will be done at the latest D+1 after the order, maximum at 5 pm (middle Indonesian time);
  • The pre-order product will be delivered at the latest within 2 (two) weeks after the order and payment;
  • If the product ordered does not available or the stock does not match to the order, the customer will be contacted previously by pasarindukbali.com about the delivery condition;
  • If the customer agrees to continue, then delivery will be done at the latest within 2 (two) weeks;
  • For the order and payment that completed after 5 pm (middle Indonesian time), then the order will be processed on the next day and delivery will be done at the latest within 3 (three) days after the order.


Self-Pick Up

  • Pick up is at the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com which located in Denpasar;
  • Buyer will be informed through email and telephone if the order is ready to be picked up;
  • The order will be ready to be picked up at the latest D+1 after the payment done;
  • If there is a condition in which the order is not able to be ready within normal time, pasarindukbali.com will contact and inform the buyer.



Payment able to be done by 2 methods that are through bank transfer to the bank account of pasarindukbali.com and COD while the product has been received.


Payment by Bank Transfer

  • After complete the order process and the price has been confirmed that it is right, then continue to the payment by clicking on ‘Continue to Payment’;
  • Afterward, put in the information detail of your delivery address and choose the delivery and payment method;
  • After that will appear the bank account information of pasarindukbali.com to transfer the payment;
  • Payment must be done maximum within 1x24 hours after order;
  • The product that has been ordered but has not been paid within 1x24 hours, then the order will be automatically canceled;
  • The payment that made after 1x24 hours or after the order canceled, may submit for refund by sending email to our customer service at layananpelanggan@pasarindukbali.com.


Payment by COD System

Payment by using COD system is payment method in which customer may pay the total value to the courier when the product has been received and checked as ordered. Payment by using COD system only able to be done by cash. Under this condition, terms and conditions apply with the COD system as below :

  1. Maximum payment value by this payment method is Rp 3.000.000,-;
  2. COD payment method only accept cash payment;
  3. Payment by COD method must give to delivery courier when the product has been received directly.
  4. If using this system, the buyer must immediately check on the product condition, either product’s quality or quantity, when courier is still at the location, so that if there is any unmatch quality/quantity (refer to the transaction data information in the buyer’s account in pasarindukbali.com website) may immediately do the complaint procedure and submission of return/product exchange;
  5. Under that condition, after the courier receive the payment and leave the delivery location, the buyer is considered to have received the product and already checked the quality and quantity of product received and already in accordance with the buyer's order;
  6. For the products which able to be checked the condition immediately, refer to the point 2, then buyer unable to submit a complaint related to the product’s quality or quantity;
  7. Buyer may only complaint or request for product exchange on the sealed product/unable to check immediately because of the seal and only able to be done maximum within 1x24 hours by giving the complaint proofs.
  8. Submission of complaint/return/product exchangeable to be done immediately with the delivery courier by filling the form of complaint/return/product exchange. Courier will immediately do the confirmation to the warehouse to check the availability of the product and the time to deliver the new product. After that, courier/pasarindukbali.com will re-confirm to the buyer;
  9. For the submission of complaint/return/product exchange to the sealed product, submission form may be accessed through pasarindukbali.com website or email to our customer service at layananpelanggan@pasarindukbali.com;
  10. COD payment system able to be done by any delivery method (delivery by courier/ self-pick up at the warehouse of pasarindukbali.com).


Other Provision

By using the available features and make the activity/transaction in pasarindukbali.com website, then the user understand and agree all the term and condition that already regulated.

As for the proposition that has not arranged yet and/or not arranged in specific term and condition, therefore, will refer to the general provision of pasarindukbali.com.

Term and Condition may be changed or renewed anytime without any prior notification.

Buyer must read and understand the applied term and condition every time about to make the purchase transaction. With every activity that carried out by a user, therefore it is considered that the user understands and agree on the applied term and condition and the occurred change and addition.

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